Make Your Way to Success With the Power of Visualization

I’m NOT good. It a simple question of the standard we use, right? Compared to Osama Bin Laden, to most, I’d be considered “good”, but not to his devoted followers. To most of us, Hitler was considered “bad”, but again, not to his devoted followers. So whether we’re good or bad is totally subjective without a fixed standard, and for me, that standard is God. Now like most people, I try as hard as I can to comprehend the nature of God, and of Jesus, and I can’t.

My human three-dimensional mind just cannot fathom the notion of “always has been”, or “before time began”. We are just beginning to understand the complexities and wonders of the universe that God breathed into existence. So, although I don’t comprehend it totally, I can accept the notion of God as a perfect standard, whatever Perfect really means, because frankly, I’m not sure I can even comprehend that word really. But with that said, the purpose of the birth of the Messiah was to provide us a bridge back to God. A sacrifice so perfect, and so complete, that we would have a total reuniting with our creator.
That bridge is offered FREE to us, and without reservation. It is a complete gift that only asks that we receive it. That gift is what Christmas is about. The perfect forgiveness offered to us through the blood of the slain lamb, without whom, we could never be with our Father.

Now I know that not all of my members will agree with this, and I respect that. But this is the path that I have been given, and I welcome your thoughts, your comments, and your ideas. You know, if we can learn to have civil dialogue around this very important topic, perhaps we can begin a dialogue around the less important topics of economics and finance.


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